They love it here… and so will you!

Had been reading the ‘About Us’ section…. and was sorry to hear that both Andy and Hazel had passed away. We always loved to talk with them when we were in the area. We started going to Andy’s Trout Farm in 1965 or 1966. Anyway, our children were small. As they grew, there games and different activities to keep the kids busy. Remember the BBQ on the island in the big pond. We just have a lot of memories over the years. All our children are grown and our grandchildren too, but they still like to go to Andy’s. Just wanted you to know, we will always remember them. They play a big part in our trips to the North Georgia Mountains. ​

-Alton and Elnita Conner

Had been hearing my sister in law & her hubby raving about coming here for ages so we all agreed to a group trip. SO GLAD WE DID!! I can’t wait to come back & bring the kids. Absolutely beautiful… Thank you :)

We started coming to Andy’s Trout Farm in 1977. We came with my parents Janie and Taylor Sorrow in the beginning We made a family tradition of coming at least two weekends a year to start with. Then my Dad started seeing the turtles around and in the ponds. He ask Andy about fishing the turtles out for him. It began a great friendship. My Dad was called the Turtle Man from then on. We started coming up about two weekends a month during the summer after that. He caught lots of turtles. As our family grew we were bring my children with us. It was a great place to bring them. They enjoyed the creeks, the hikes, the fishing, our fish frys, watching and helping their Papa caught turtles. They grew up their We came with my Dad until May of 1993. My Dad got very sick with cancer. He wanted to come and fish for turtles one last time. We all came with him. He had always wanted to catch the big one. This time he said he just wanted to catch one turtle, he didn’t care about the size. Danny and my Dad went and set the hooks. My Dad stepped off a spot and set his hook, then 45 mins later he wanted to go check the hook. Amazing enough he had caught the big one, the turtle weighed 51 pounds! It was as big around as the inside of a 50 gallon drum. It was the best mendicant my Dad had ever had. We had taken a dieing man up there and brought a revived man home. My Dad lived until December 3, 1993. Such great memories! They did have his picture in the office with the turtle. It may still be there. We love Andy’s Trout Farm! And always will!

-Debbie and Danny Whitsel

Andy’s Trout farm will always be a special place for me. My dad Ervin Carpenter and Andy were good friends and I spent many a weekend at Andy’s. What a special place and what a special area!! Thanks for many great memories and such a great place!!

Was the most beautiful vacation or honeymoon spot I could have ever dreamed of! Everything was breathtakingly beautiful! Went there on motorcycle and attended your Bluegrass outdoor concert and Fish Fry, it was GREAT! When are you having another Bluegrass Concert and Fish Fry?​ The cabins and creek are wonderfully romantic when I find the right man will come back for Honeymoon of MY Dreams! But until then will come back as often as possible, everyone made the trip so enjoyable, from the S’Mores, the outdoor Bluegrass concert under the twinkling stars, the clean air far enough from Atlanta it is still fresh, the very clean and appointed bathrooms. The friendly guests and musicians at the amphitheater overlooking the mountain, wished my parents could have been there, maybe next time. My Dad grew up in a log cabin, still standing now part of Pioneer settlement in Blountstown, Fl- and my mom loves the mountains, hope to bring them along.


Thank you again for an awesome experience! You went above & beyond what I could have ever expected!
You guys are GREAT! THANKS!

-Carolina Thomas and the cousins: Harrison, Millicent, Jasper, William, Braedon, and Luke

We just spent three wonderful days in cabin #2, and we had the best time! We intend to make this a regular part of our vacation every year!

-The Everetts

We just returned from 2 wonderful nights in cabin #5 getting ready to cook some more trout tonight. We really enjoyed the serenity surrounding the entire area. I don’t believe anything has change since my last visit 30 years ago. But please don’t change….cant wait til winter see y’all soon.

-Roy,Heather, Gabryel and Ava Maiden

Andy’s Trout Farm is as close to heaven I will ever get and still have one foot on the ground. We have been coming to Andy’s for over 15 years and even had our wedding there. We love Andy’s and have referred many people over the years.

-Alyce and Duncan

Its been a long time since we stayed at your cabins. I have went through a divorce since but I have good memories of my family staying in cabin #2. I also have fond memories of fishing with my grandson back in 05 or 06 at the trout pond. Thanks for the memories.

I took my grandchild to Andy’s and he had a great time catching some really nice trout. Great place to take a child fishing! Fish the east side of the pound, near the dam and use night crawlers with with 8 lb. test line and medium size hook.

-Charles Poach

I visited Andy’s a few times in the late ’80’s…I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a great weekend getaway with friends or family. You’ll definitely know you have visited God’s country.