Frequently asked questions:

Q. Can I bring my pet to the farm?
A. You may bring your pet, but it must be on a leash at all times and you will need to clean up after it. You know your dog best, so please be a responsible owner around other dogs. A non refundable pet fee will be required for cabins.

Q. Can we throw our fish back?
A.! There is no “throwing back or releasing” policy.
Trout are a very fragile fish, and will die after you catch and release. You must pay for all fish caught. If you do not want to take them with you, We will freeze them and once a year we donate to our church’s youth group to have a fish fry to raise money.

Q. Can we use our own equipment?
A. Of course you can use your own equipment! Remember though, it must be appropriate for Trout. We do offer cane poles for rent and we have worms we sell for bait.

Q. Is there an admission fee?
A. No, you only pay for the fish you catch!

Q. Do we have to lodge there to fish?
A. Anyone can drop by during the time we are open to fish and enjoy our place!
However, we do have 12 cabins available for rent, and would love to have you join us for overnight stays!

Q. Do you have fish other than trout?
A. No, we stock only Rainbow Trout at our farm (and they are DELICIOUS!)

Q. Can we have our fished cooked?
A. If you have a group and make advanced reservations- we can cook your trout, but as a general rule we do not cook them for our beloved fishing patrons.

Q. Do I have to catch my fish myself?
A. Believe it or not- YOU DON’T! It is a LOT of fun, but you can have us net them straight from the ponds for you. If you call and place an order ahead of time, that is even better! Some days, depending on crowd level, it can be very hard to net catch the fish “on the fly”- and if we know in advance we can be prepared!

Q. Are you open all year?
A. We do close for the winter. We are open March through November for fishing and cabin rental. Cope Hall, our event venue, is open all year.