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Andy’s Trout Farm is located five miles down Betty’s Creek Road,
just outside of downtown Dillard, GA!

We are located in NC, but closer to Dillard… so the Dillard, GA address and the Otto, NC address is the same place…

Once in downtown Dillard, on HWY 441, turn onto Betty’s Creek Road (you can only turn left or right, no matter which direction you are traveling) and follow the signs! We are technically located in Otto, NC- but you must turn in Dillard, Ga onto Betty’s Creek Rd. Travel west for 4 miles, then take a left on Big Creek Rd. This will take you into North Carolina, we are 1 mile down Big Creek.

On Sundays we open late due to Church! We would love for you to join us at Betty’s Creek Baptist

    Hours of Operation

    March 1- Memorial Day Friday
    Sunday 1-4
    Mon, Tues, Thurs 11-4
    Wed- Closed
    Fri-Sat- 10-5

    Memorial Day Friday- Aug 8
    Sunday – 1-5
    Mon- Sat- 10-5

    Aug 8- Thanksgiving weekend
    Sunday 1-4
    Mon, Tues, Thurs- 11-4
    Wed- Closed
    Fri- Sat- 10-5